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Andy, Andy, Andy.Tudtuk, hogy ez a nap is eljön, és előre féltünk tőle, de te jól megelőztél mindenkit.Ez nagyon elegáns volt.Búcsúzni még nem búcsúzunk, mert ahogy a művelt amerikai mondja, you still have to kick some ass tonight. :P
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10/09/2012 09:45
@andyroddick you are leaving me :(
Another champion announces retirement today.. @andyroddick what a star! Tennis world will miss you..
Just an outstanding career @andyroddick has had,a dream for most of us.It truly was a pleasure competing against you.New chapter baby time:)
@andyroddick we'll miss your powerful game, your wit, your intelligence, and your honesty. Exciting life ahead! Good Luck...
Wishing @andyroddick the very best on his impending retirement. He will be missed at Wimbledon.
Can't believe Andy Roddick was so cool announcing his retirement while I cried like a little crybaby watching his press conference.
@andyroddick I thought it was coming when I saw ur wave&Wimbledon- congrats on a great career Andy, freedom from pressure is coming soon:)
... E nel mio sport Andy Roddick e la grande Kim !!! Best of luck for the future for this 2 champions...
@andyroddick Thanks 4 letting us know B4 your last match so we can celebrate U & your fabulous career! Good luck
Andy Roddick retiring. A great champion, 10s ambassador , crowd favorite and my friend. You worked hard enough, time to enjoy your life
Congrats AR. Great career , great life ahead enjoy next chapter well deserved
Just heard on Sky,that Roddick will retire after the US Open...kinda sad!
Sad to see @andyroddick announce his retirement but excited for him to start his new life. I'm happy to call Andy my friend and was always honored to share the Davis Cup team with him. There's never been a greater competitor or leader and I congratulate him on his incredible Hall of Fame career. He bravely carried the flag for US Tennis and inspired a new generation of American players. We'll miss you buddy...thank you for the good times!
So sad to hear news of @andyroddick retirement at end of USopen! No one saw that coming! Given us some great memories
Congrats 2 @andyroddick on an amazing career and for being such a good ambassador for the sport.
@andyroddick also is going to retire... Wow big news everyday. He had an impressive career for sure. Great press conference
@andyroddick knew only one way to play. He is a credit to everything he has done. Wish everyone competed like him
Wow Andy Roddick will retire after this Us Open... His press conferences are always funny. Even today...
So sad to hear Andy is retiring after the Open!! Grew up playing juniors with him! Will miss hearing him "tell it how it is"
Sad to see the great @andyroddick announce his retirement. A player with immense talent and true spirit.
Wow. Roddick announces this US Open is his last tournament. Sad but wish him all the best in whatever he does next.
Congrats 2 @andyroddick on an amazing career, 1st ballot hall of famer, he is an over achiever NOT an underachiever
Thanks @andyroddick for all you have done for American tennis
US Open
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09/09/2012 11:28
US Open
Andy Roddick, a Királyság
06/09/2012 10:56