Csak hogy ne mindig a saját dolgainkat szajkózzuk, itt egy kis idézetes gyűjtemény. Ha ti is találtok hasonló érdekes, vicces mondásokat aktuális kérdésekben, írjátok meg!
Federer a GS elődöntő rekord megszakadásáról:
It was a great run. Now I've got the quarterfinal streak going, I guess. (laughter.)
*French Open
Salak a salakiaké II.
06/06/2010 16:58
Kim Clijsters twitteren arról, hogy kivel játszik Wimbledonban vegyespárost:
I am playing with Malisse! The ones who said Lleyton are hilarious! :-) Federer or Nadal would have been nice ! Roddick too :-)
Matt Cronin twitteren:
Federer's 23 straight Slam semi streaks comes to end. The streak will be broken someday, but not in my lifetime.
Nicolas Almagro a Nadal elleni negyeddöntőről:
Well, if I thought he was unbeatable I'd pack up and go home. But not at all. I know how to attack him. I've done so in Madrid, and at many times in the match. So I'll continue on the same tracks. I do think that this is going to be a much longer match than in Madrid, so I have to be very much focused during the entire match. I need to play my best tennis, which is probably what I did today. If I do so, I have a good opportunity... But trust me, Wednesday is going to be a wonderful match.
És végül Rafa Nadal válsza a szokásos kérdésre:
If somebody says I am better than Roger, I think this person don't know nothing about tennis. That's my answer... You see the titles of him and you see the titles of me? It's no comparison. So that's the answer. Is difficult to compare Roger with me now, because he has 16 Grand Slams; I have 6. Masters 1000, yeah, I have more than him. But for the rest of the things the records of Roger is very, very almost impossible to improve.


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*French Open
A férfi döntő elé
06/06/2010 06:23
*French Open
Szép volt lányok!
05/06/2010 16:33